KIELYpave™ : the MICRO-ASPHALT solution

KIELYpave is a high quality micro-asphalt which has been formulated in conjunction with one of the UK’s leading bitumen suppliers with input from one of Europe’s foremost specialists.

Ideal for use where the existing surface is not suitable for surface dressing – because of extensive patching requirements, rutting, failed repairs or extensive utilities work – it also provides an alternative where surface dressing would be considered unsuitable, such as in some populated urban areas.

KIELYpave’s regulating capabilities can reduce the extent of any pre-patching work required compared to Surface Dressing.

Cost effective and pleasing on the eye, it reduces road noise and can rapidly transform a road with extensive patching and utilities reinstatements into one with minimum surface irregularities.


An application of high PSV, quality graded aggregates, strong polymer-modified binder, filler and additives, KIELYpave is ideal for use on rutted and patched roads, for restoring profiles and improving skid resistance.

Preparatory works involve using suction sweepers to remove loose materials, dust and vegetation from the area to be surfaced. Ironwork is then masked, using approved materials.

KEILYpave is cold applied, using the latest continuous flow plant, in a two-layer process. The first application regulates the existing surface, filling depressions and rutting, and a surface coat is then applied.   Laid on a completely flat surface, to a depth of 15mm it equates to 24kg/m². Additional material is inevitably required in the regulating course to ensure the overall minimum design thickness is obtained. The amount of regulating material used will depend on the condition of the road surface.

KIELYpave can be laid in temperatures as low as 5ºC. The laying season extends from early March to mid-November and, depending on site conditions, in excess of 5000m² can be laid per day.

When first laid it is brown in colour, and turns black as the emulsion breaks. On completion of the work, maskings are removed and ironwork levels adjusted, as necessary.

The final result is a durable even surface which is resistant to all weather conditions and which can be trafficked within 30 minutes!