Recycling Aggregate

The Wash Plant

An Overview

The Kiely Bros recycling plant is a custom-built facility designed for our specific industry in sustainable recycling solutions. The Kiely Bros washing plant is a self-contained washing facility that helps the company and its clients to meet the ever-increasing demands of cost and environmental impact. This facility helps the environmental impact of the company and its suppliers by recycling aggregate that has already been provided by the quarry. Whilst maintaining the properties of the original aggregate, the cleanliness of the product is enhanced.

How it works

The recycling facility itself is a self-contained mobile washing plant that can be easily moved from site to site with minimal disruption. The plant itself can be set up and working inside of a day and can be packed up and moved again in and around the same time frame. Once the plant is up and running it takes only a few people to keep an eye on the day to day running and to keep feeding the machine with aggregate.

Before the stone is washed it is graded by a mechanical grader into the deferent size aggregates (6mm, 10mm & 14mm). Most of the foreign material in the aggregate are also taken out at this phase.

Once graded the stone can then be washed by the following process below;

  • Feeding the hopper with aggregate from the stockpile.
  • Which then drops on to the feed conveyor and into the Evowash tank that washes the aggregate and removes foreign particles from it.
  • While this is happening, the water is constantly being treated with additives which cleanse the machine and water to allow it to be recycled and used continuously for washing the aggregate.
  • The aggregate when washed drops on to product conveyor and is stored ready to be collected.

The process from adding the aggregate in to the hopper and coming off the product conveyor is a matter of a few minutes, which produces quality aggregate to be used almost instantly.

Positive affects

The positive effects that this can have on a business and its environmental objectives are significant. The carbon footprint of a business in this industry like any other can be substantial due to the nature of the work but at Kiely Bros we are committed to lower our footprint and reducing the effects on the environment.

Our recycling plant gives us an advantage over our competitors to contribute to the environment by reducing the amount of natural resources consumed for our activities. This is achieved by reducing the amount of material brought from the quarry and minimizing transport costs. This, in turn, decreases the amount of natural resources used and minimizes the transport costs thus decreasing our carbon footprint.

We are committed to meeting our environmental objectives and achieving continual improvement. We are an ISO14001 Environmental accredited company which highlights the level of commitment that we have. The environmental agency and our accreditation body have reacted positively to the facility and the impact it has had on our carbon footprint. This is the back bone of our environmental commitment to our customers in reducing the carbon footprint. Also, on the back of the positive impact that this has had we acquired an additional recycling wash plant in …. Which in turn contributed to us reducing the amount of aggregate we use from a quarry by over 25%.

It is with our trade associations input – the RSTA – Road Surface treatments Association and Kiely’s communication{s) and back-up in assisting with this process, that we have all worked together with the EA to finally confirm that this process, is one that is legally applicable and allowable in recycling the post-sweepings and thereby, reducing the impact to landfill.