Surface dressing


Surface Dressing is the most efficient and cost-effective process for maintaining and preserving carriageways.

In the current economic climate, when budgets are tight, it is the Highway Engineer’s choice when it comes to ensuring our road network does not fall into further disrepair.

Correctly applied at the right time, it will seal the road surface, preventing oxidation and water ingress and extend the life of the carriageway for eight or more years. Further applications in the future will continue to extend the life of the road.

To ensure optimum performance and obtain best whole life cost, each site is individually designed with the correct surface dressing design, aggregate PSV, binder and spread rates being selected.

Our extensive Surface Dressing fleet is one of the most modern in the UK and has been specially assembled to enable us to Surface Dress virtually any type of road.

Ideally suited to larger sites, our purpose-built chipping spreaders and spray tankers are capable of spreading and spraying up to 5.48m in a single pass. This can eliminate any centre joint, minimises disruption to traffic and reduces carbon emissions.

We have a large fleet of combination machines for use on narrower rural sites and on urban sites where access would be difficult for a conventional Surface Dressing train.  These machines are used individually to lay single dressing and in tandem to lay racked in and double dressings.

We use only the best available polymer-modified intermediate and premium grade bitumen emulsions and high quality aggregates. The end result is a durable, sealed surface, with improved skid resistance, that will protect the carriageway for many years to come!