RETREAD : the RECYCLING solution

Versatile, economical and environment friendly, our proprietary process RETREAD is ideal where footpaths have exceeded their useful life and demand more than just surface treatment.

When considering footpath maintenance requirements, Highway Engineers have increasingly to take into account environmental as well as economic factors.

An effective rehabilitation process, RETREAD recycles materials recovered from damaged footpaths for re-use in the same location, maximising use of existing materials and reducing to a minimum the amount of new materials imported onto site.

RETREAD : The Process

The existing surface is milled, to a depth of 50-75mm, and is scarified. The scarified material is graded to the required falls and levels to allow a 20mm surface course to be applied after the material has been compacted. Excess material is removed from site or additional material imported to make good soft spots or depressions.

The material is sprayed with emulsion and is harrowed to ensure the emulsion is thoroughly mixed in with the scarified material.

The material is compacted using a suitable roller and is dressed with an application of 6mm aggregate.

Work is completed with the application of the Client’s chosen surface course.